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Onnuri Methodist Church / JUNGLIM Architecture

Tháng Năm 21, 2011
© Namgoong SunArchitects: JUNGLIM Architecture
Client: Haeundae  Church
Site area: 2,688 sqm
Photographs: Namgoong Sun




1305683662-8roof-garden-1000x678 1305683683-11main-sanctuary-1000x686

© Namgoong Sun

Silvery breaking waves reflected on Hawoonde beach and cultural local festival which give vitality and energy that respond to vivid context of Hawoonde. The site is located at interactive spaces where can be reached by many directions from existing church, market, and surroundings. It relatively formed by both simple streets that developed by urban planning and naturally created streets over times, also these are penetrate each other. According to these flows, dimensional space and continual routes are created which connects from the land to the chapel. Various levels of plaza respond to be gathering space which is culturally, religiously, and eco-friendly interactive programs accumulated for believers and neighbors. Exterior façade filled and voided by topology of the site and legal requirements, also created multi-facade face by light and view angle perceived as a sculpture of moderated city


© Namgoong Sun


Platform Polyhedron of polygon expanded as concept of platform, becomes a base which filled various programs and people’s activities. Also it is a field reflects an ideal objective of architecture which contains a range of activities, cultures, nature, and creates flow and lively space.

-Religious Platform: Symbolize religious form and meaning of streets, moreover generates concept of religions.

-Landscape Platform: Stretch streets of city and plaza by continuing route and plate.

-Cultural Platform: Aim to be open-church as an open community facility for local.


first floor planWailing Wall The concept of ‘Wailing wall’, which covers exterior wall and main hall, is conceived from the idea of ‘sheltered wall for On-noo-ri church’. The idea of wall expresses symbol of religious origin, and give an identity of On-noo-ri church. Rough ‘Stone wall’ created by counterpointed relation and polygonal exterior put a symbolic attribute of main hall. Moreover, sermon place diverge from spatial point of existing altar, and expand a relationship between sermon place and chapel as religious interactive space, not as a dichotomous way. Finally, through that chapel get rid of the character as simple interior and becomes a meditation place of religious meaning.


© Namgoong SunLight Dedicated light reflects on back wall of the sermon place and hall inside of the grand chapel is an interactive space with god, and creates gorgeous and faithful sounds.

Source: archdaily.com

1305683636-3neighborhood-view-1000x703 1305683643-4front-fasade-1000x725 1305683670-9hall-of-light-680x1000 1305683678-10wall-of-hall-666x1000 1305683691-basement-plan-01-1000x707 1305683694-basement-plan-02-1000x707 1305683697-basement-plan-03-1000x707 1305683700-fifth-floor-plan-1000x707 1305683704-first-floor-plan-1000x707 1305683707-fourth-floor-plan-1000x707 1305683709-roof-plan-1000x707 1305683714-second-floor-plan-1000x707 1305683717-third-floor-plan-1000x707 1305683721-east-elevation-1000x707 1305683724-front-elevation-1000x707 1305683727-rear-elevation-1000x707 1305683730-west-elevation-1000x707 1305683734-cross-section-01-1000x707 1305683737-cross-section-02-1000x707 1305683740-longitudinal-section-1000x707


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