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Scarborough Chinese Baptist Church / Teeple Architects

Tháng Năm 28, 2011
© Shai Gil PhotographyThe new  Chinese Baptist Church, designed by Teeple Architects, has been conceived as a direct reflection of the liturgical vision of its Baptist congregation. This liturgical vision has a dual focus – fellowship, which the church characterizes as horizontal relationships between people, and spirituality, which is seen as a vertical relationship between people and God.

Project description, images, and drawings following the break.

1299091637-001teeplearch-scbc-735x1000 1299091671-009teeplearch-scbc-1000x750 1299091673-010teeplearch-scbc-716x1000 1299091679-012teeplearch-scbc-796x1000

Architect: Teeple Architects
Principal in Charge: Stephen Teeple (OAA, FRAIC)
Project Team: Cheryl Atkinson, Bernard Jin, David Jensen, William Elsworthy, Graham Baxter
Structural Engineer: CPE
Mechanical Engineer: LKM
Electrical Engineer: LKM
Civil: Masongsong
Landscape Architect: Dutoit Allsopp Hillier
General Contractor: Derbtile Construction Inc.
Project Area: 80,000 sqf
Project Year: 2007
Photographs: Shai Gil Photography


© Shai Gil PhotographyThe physical form and experience of the church directly reflect this vision. Horizontal roofs and views to the wood lot setting characterize the community wing, while soaring vertical forms that with an emphasis on natural light from above characterize the sanctuary.


© Shai Gil PhotographyThese wings are interconnected by the fellowship hall, a place of gathering before and after each service. The church serves both as a significant place of worship with a sanctuary for 1,600 and as a focal point of activity for the Chinese community in , offering recreation (a large gymnasium) banquet facilities, and meeting places.


© Shai Gil PhotographyThe church is nestled into a clearing in a remnant wood lot, along Kennedy Road in suburban. The wood lot becomes essential to the experience of the church. It is the focal point of a 200-seat chapel and a point of reference as one moves through the public circulation spaces of the church.


© Shai Gil PhotographyThe project included the City of Toronto’s first approved bio swale parking lot. Storm water is processed through a sequence of swales that are planted with specific plant materials and special soils. The project also achieved an extremely high level of energy efficiency at a very low cost, through a carefully designed building envelope and heat recovery systems.


1299091651-004teeplearch-scbc-1000x591 1299091667-008teeplearch-scbc-1000x592 1299091682-013teeplearch-scbc-521x1000 1299092389-basement-floor-plan-1000x748 1299092392-first-floor-plan-1000x797 1299092394-second-floor-plan-1000x668

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