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Nashville House / Kanner Architects

Tháng Bảy 2, 2011

© Nicolas O.S. Marques

Responding to the client’s desire for a home that would stand out from its site as a sculpture in the landscape,  House provides an opportunity to design a modern home in a city with a history of traditional architecture.  Follow the break for more photographs of this house by.


Architects: Kanner Architects
Lead Architect: Stephen Kanner
Project Designer: David Ellien
Project Architect: Alex Dunn
Project Manager: John Mebasser
Contractor: Bill Saunders Inc
Structural Engineer: Ruth Alwes
Civil/Grading Engineer: Littlejohn Engineering Associates
Glazing Contractor: Dale Incorporated
Client: Breezy Salmon
Project Area: 557 sqm
Project Year: 2009
Photographs: Nicolas O.S. Marques

The vivid white form eases itself into the natural site with the help of wood panel cladding. Situated on a steeply sloping site, through strategic programming, the house’s vertical structure belies its lean, horizontal appearance. The top two living levels are cantilevered over the lower two containing the home theater and garage. The placement of a porte-cochere directs visitors up the slope and drops them among the two main levels of the house.

The master bedroom, contained in the upper-most level along with the library/study and a second bedroom, overlooks the living room below. Through an expansive wall of glass and trees beyond, it receives a view of downtown .

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