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NLF / GAD Architecture

Tháng Bảy 27, 2011

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Designed by Istanbul and New York based company, GAD Architecture, NLF is a high-rise luxury residential project, located in the Nilüfer district of Bursa, one of the largest and most developed cities in Turkey. The project site is on the main road serving as an axis connecting Bursa and Nilufer to the east and west. This corridor also accommodates the railway system, and is characterized by a number of other shopping centers in the vicinity. More images and architects’ description after the break.

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The project was designed to be a landmark for Nilufer and Bursa. Given high floor area ratio and program requirements, in combination with a small site footprint, the building was required to be much higher than any of the surrounding buildings. The site area is 2,250m, and the total construction area is approximately 40,000m. The building program includes residences, offices, retail space, restaurants and social activities. These functions are organized in a single building reaching 137.5m with 32 floors. The residential tower rests on a base including 3 levels of retail and 5 levels of office space. There is a restaurant at the top level of the building under a helipad, giving a 360 degree unobstructed view for guests.

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The building form was shaped as a turning ellipse, resulting in residences with large sweeping balconies that give the building its main character. This geometry gives a unique visual appearance to the building that changes constantly, according to the way you approach the building.

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Limited materials are used in order to provide a more cohesive effect on the site, and this is further emphasized thru the details. There are four main materials: composite wood panels, concrete, glass and steel. Composite wood louvers are used for the balconies, to make the project feel warmer and to have an overall softer visual effect.

Source: archdaily.com

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